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“The Fall of the house of Usher” Edgar Allen Poe

In “The Fall of the house of Usher,” Edgar Allen Poe creates suspense and fear in the reader. He also tries to convince the reader not to let fear overcome him. Poe tries to evoke suspence in the reader’s mind by using several diffenent scenes. These elements include setting, characters, plot, and theme. Poe uses setting primarily in this work to create atmosphere. The crack in the house and the dead trees imply that the house and its surroundings are not sturdy or promising. These elements indicate that a positive outcome is not expected.

The thunder, strange light, and mist create a spooky feeling for the reader. The use of character provides action and suspense in the story through the characters’ dialogue and actions. Roderick, who is hypochondriac, is very depressed. He has a fearful apperance and his senses are acute. This adds curiosity and anxiety. The narrator was fairly normal until he began to imagine things and become afraid himself. Because of this, the audience gets a sense that evil is lurking. Madeline is in a cataleptic state. She appears to be very weak and pail.

Finally, when she dies, she is buried in a vault inside of the mansion. In this story, the plot consists of rising events, conflict, climax, and resolution. The rising events include the parts in the story when the narrator first arrives at the house, meets Roderick, and hears about Roderick’s and Madeline’s problems. Madeline’s death and burial are part of the conflict. At this point, Roderick and the narrator begin to hear sounds throughout the house. The sounds are an omen that an evil action is about to occur. The climax is reached when Madeline comes back from the dead and she and her twin brother both die.

Finally, the resolution comes when the narrator escapes from the house and turns around to watch it fall to the ground. The theme that Edgar Allen Poe is trying to convey is do not let fear take over your life because it could eventually destory you. In the story, the narrator is fine and in a good state when he first enters the house. As Roderick begins to tell the narrator his problems, the narrator is affected and begins to sympathize with Roderick. Finally, when Madeline dies, and comes back to life, the narrator starts to hear things and is overcome by fear. This causes him to flee the House of Uher before it falls.

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