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Mainframe Computers

Third generation of computers began with the development of IC (Integrated Chip), which is made up of miniaturized transistors, and all put in a silicon chip these were called semiconductors that average size was inch by about 1 inch. The third generation of computers brought huge gains in computational power. The first ICs were based on small-scale integration otherwise known as SSI Circuits, each circuit had about 10 devices per chip (IC) and advanced to medium scale integrated circuits (MSI), which had about a 100 devices per chip this is where the computers were starting to drop in size and increase in power and capabilities.

The third generation is where we stated using keyboards and monitors and used operating systems, but still a long way from today’s personal computers. The computer was becoming cheaper and more available to the general public for commercial use. As we rely more on computers to assist us with the different aspects of day to day business, it has improved our accuracy, less problems with development of all types of equipment, cars, trucks, ships, space vehicles and much more, Not including the developments and medical devices we use today for monitoring or even saving lives.

If we did not have computers we would have never sent a man in space, and have come up with the Space Shuttle. The Vacuum tube lead to the transistor to the IC and the fourth generation of Microprocessors, without these advances we would still be running with cars and carburetors, no radios or Televisions, and defiantly we would not have sent anyone to space. Computers have been a great asset to the business world it allows us to complete our job in a more efficient way, with fewer mistakes.

Computers are just about used for every type of business and are in connected to everything we do day to day. In some ways we have become so reliant on computers to do everything, if we took them away, we would be in severe trouble. Today due to cash registers that tell us how much change we are to give back to the customer, most of the younger generations have no idea how to count it out in their head.

If we took away the medical equipment we have today are death rate would sky rocket, without defibrillators, EKG machines, and so much more. If Television had not come about image how healthy our children would be, they would be outside playing instead of watching TV or playing games on there computer or Game box. Adults would be more likely to sit down and talk to their spouse, or play games instead of watching TV or surfing the internet.