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Free College Admissions Essays: Physics

Physics is the subject I want to study for at least the next four years. I have found it the most interesting, and certainly one of the most challenging areas of all my previous study. I see a Masters degree in physics as allowing me to build upon my accumulated knowledge; to learn entirely new fields of the subject, and to give me the qualifications that I need in order to pursue my goal to do work in research and development.

Aside from the work we are set as part of the advanced level course, I verymuch appreciate discussing sidelines from the core of the course, or applications of the theories we have learned, with friends or with teachers. I enjoy this aspect of physics, and physics in general because (borrowing a concept of David Deutsch) I very much enjoy understanding things, not merely memorising facts. Discussing a principle with someone is satisfying because it presents me with different and new ways of seeing, and understanding theories I already know in another form.

In my spare time I enjoy reading popular science, as well as science fiction(my favourite authors are Michael Marshall Smith and Neal Stephenson), composing and playing music, computer programming, jogging and writing poetry. In addition, as I have international roots, I have had the opportunity to travel widely, both independently and with family through Europe and North America. As a part time job, and a hobby, I earn money through a small webpublishing and computer consultancy company of my own.

I have 8 years of experience of computer programming in C++, Assembly, HTML and BASIC, under Windows and Linux environments. In conclusion, I see a university course in physics as offering me a way toenhance and expand my understanding of reality in completely new ways then the classical physics courses I have studied thus far have done. It offers a set of conquerable challenges, to which the reward for me will be increased understanding about the world, and a platform on which I may have the opportunity to add to that knowledge

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