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Creative Management

Creative Management gives creative ideas of how a manger should present himself and how to approach different situations. Creative Management written by Shiegru Kobanashi, focuses mainly on the importance of teamwork, and on group management. How can we transform our present methods of production, under which we become slaves to machines, and regulations for the temporary increase in productivity, into one in which we are the masters of our work? How can we establish a system, which will make people work voluntarily and feel good about doing it. The book starts with waking up make sure you have proper hygiene. Wear simple clothes.

Not close that stand out. A fussy dresser doesnt impress people, but it gives a false impression of the person wearing the clothes you should wear clean, pleasing clothes that match your personality. A manager should always meet someone with a smile. It will lighten the mood and there is no better way to show your personality them by your smile. Face every day with a smile, and you will lead a pleasant life everyday. (Page 86) It expresses the importance of saying the simple words good morning and good night. When talking to employees you should speaking sincerely and low toned which will make others understand your thinking or feeling.

Speaking forcefully and loud with raw emotion can affect other people as well as yourself. The book also emphasizes the importance of a manager to use empathy when dealing with fellow employees. Always put yourself in other peoples position. If you base all decisions and give information to workers solely on how you feel chances are the advice you give will not be what the person coming to you needed. Everyone is different and everyones lives are different. A good manager should get to know his employees as best as possible. Giving the manager a little incite into each of their lives.

The more you know about your fellow workers the easier it will be to put yourself in there shoes and give the correct advice. .The world is filled with all types of temptations, and sometimes a manager is put into a situation where he has the opportunity to make some extra cash or maybe get something from some one for doing a not so legal favor. When these situations occur you should stop think things through. You have a mind and are used to doing your own thinking, but you are surrounded by devils of temptation, who disguises their voices and their faces and try to convince you to buy unnecessary things or do things that are wrong.

A manager should aim at responsible conduct that will cause others no trouble. Managers have to deal with all kinds of problems all day. They deal with all the problems of a business. If managers keep the problems of the business to themselves the problems may never be solved. When managers are having problems with their personnel they should stop and think whether it is something in their own conduct or attitude, which is causing the problem. It is hard not to bring a person’s personal life into the business world but sometimes it happens.

If out side of the job you are having problems and are very down because of it chances are you a portraying a negative vibe through out the work place. If this is the case you have to get a grip and put you personal life on hold and help the business by lightening up the atmosphere. If you are not the problem and other employees are having problems a manager should use empathy to help resolve the problem. If the problem takes on a larger scale a meeting should be held to discuss the problem or problems and come up with a well thought out resolution.

Industrial organizations are not fully independent bodies, they do not exist solely for the employees of whom they consist. The managers are selected by people other than the workers, and have to report directly to managers at higher levels. However, that authority denies a worker, freedom to express their personality, and creates a dry atmosphere causing the employees to be actively unhappy as human being. It holds back productivity and results in the misuse of authority, and leads naturally to the self-destruction of the company itself. Its hardly likely that top management will always make the right decision.

Therefore, one-sided democratic exercise of its power and leaders of company may create and bring about policies that are not right for the company. The development of any organization requires all of voices of the business to listen openly and selflessly. The voices of the individuals will bring about the right policy for a given situation. This form of management were all the voices of the business are heard based on information that managers and their subordinates alike listen to the voices humbly and back up the decision with confidence.

Teamwork the most important part of the business it is the backbone for a stable well planned business policy or resolution. Meetings between managers and personnel are one creative management idea. The role of the leader in this kind of meeting is, to the organizing the available information and conducting of the meeting in such a way that each member will be able to speak out freely and the team as a hole will arrive at the right conclusions. If the team fails to produce a unanimous decision the decision will be based on a majority vote.

There are two different team meetings. One meeting is held for the purpose of clearly indicating the goals that should be kept in mind by particular group. The group modifies and revises goals, exchanges information, disuses methods to be used establishing contracts the they once again review the final results this type of meeting is held ever month. The second teem meeting focuses on long-range goals, and methods of implementing them. Here performance, productivity, and plans for future growth are discussed.

This type of meeting takes place every six months. Each department manager or team leader becomes familiar with other functions and groups, learns from hearing their work revised, and participates in policymaking. They learn the significance of his departments activities in relation to the whole company. They discuss policy making ideas, review appraisals, and set goals. Teams dont function on order from above, rather it functions on its own ideas. The same thing can be said about the individuals who make team, and revise goals that are also handled by team.

In other words they work as a unit. A manager should hold himself as a person of power who is still an equal of his work force. The job of the manager is not to order people around and push his ideas. A manager’s job is to keep the work force unified and keep it working as a team. Most people in todays society are power hungry and are only in it for them selves. They dont realize that if everyone is successful you will be successful they will be to.

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